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A Visit to Switzerland—November 16-26, 2012

Visit Switzerland

Spitak YMCA four-member delegation was invited to participate in the events  devoted to the 125th anniversary of Zuricհ YMCA.

   Grisha Bostanchyan, Spitak YMCA Youth and Volunteer programs Coordinator, left for Zuricհ earlier than the other members and worked as a volunteer for CEVI Zurich helping with preparing for the celebration events. 

  Hayk Khachatryan, Spitak YMCA Executive Director was in Zuricհ from the 16th to the 23rd of November and Alvard Mkrtchyan, Spitak YMCA Income Generating Programs Coordinator and 

Haykuhi Karapetyan, Spitak YMCA Programs’ Assistant were in Switzerland on November 16th-26th. They volunteered for CEVI Zurich supporting to organize the events in the best manner, too.

 The events included concerts, spiritual hours, market called “Bazaar” and so on. There were a lot of other guests invited among whom Ken Collton,President of the World Alliance of YMCAs, Ed Eggink,YMCA Europe President, Marion Schmid , many speakers from local and regional church organizations and YMCAs.

   That was a very good opportunity for Spitak YMCA representatives to be present and congratulate their senior partner organization. That was also a very good opportunity for experience exchange in organizing events.

     Spitak YMCA delegation had a meeting with ZuricYMCA Board, staff  and the Spitak YMCA- CEVI Zurich Partner Group members and presented Spitak YMCA Program and financial reports as of November 2012.

     Besides this, Spitak YMCA delegation met their old friends and had a great time with them enjoying the beauty of Zurich inspired with pre-Christmas mood.

    On November 25th  Spitak YMCA delegation, together with their friends, had a special day, as that day was Alvard Mkrtchyan’s birthday.

 “It was my birthday on November 25th and my friends had a surprise for me. They made that day a real special occasion and I think I shall never have such a memorable birthday 


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